How We S.L.A.Y

Join Emmy nominated TV Host and fashion authority Kela Walker and celebrity trainer, former pastor and ballet dancer, Robert Brace on their quest to transform bodies, change lives and inspire you to Start Loving All of Yourself. Learn how Kela lost 20lbs in 28 days working with Robert, how she kept it off and what it means to SLAY.


SLAY Lifestyle

Hear Kela's inspirational story and discover the secrets to your transformation success. During Kela's insightful panel discussion, you will be inspired by our guest's testimonials, learn practical lifestyle tips and walk away ready to SLAY.


SLAY Motivation

Robert's rousing motivational speeches will empower you with the knowledge and motivation you need to start loving yourself and transforming your body right now. Robert will reveal the transformational mindset that got Kela and his celebrity clients their dramatic and lasting transformations.


SLAY Sweat

Be a part of the most inspiring, interactive HIIT workout ever. Tighten, tone and trim your body while you the secrets that transformed Kelas body in only 28 days. Watch Kela & Robert have fun and push each other to the limits while you do the same with your fellow slayers.

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